Fitonics Book Review, Fitonics for Life

Fitonics for Life (Avon) Fitonics Book Review

Marilyn Diamond, co-author of Fit for Life, Fit for Life II and the American Vegetarian Cookbook, has been an author and culinary reference for me since I began my dietary journey.

Her recipes have influenced my cooking and own recipes.

She bridges the gap between healthy eating and cooking for a family. I have used her recipes repeatedly for entertaining with much success. And they inspired me to create my own recipes with a new twist , French culinary flair that I've adopted since living in France.

After following Fit for Life series I was glad to find another of her books. This time written with her new husband, Dr Donald Burton Schnell. This book takes dieting beyond the foods that you put in your mouth and into the realm of holistic dieting. It incorporates the mind, body and almost the spirit for overall health something the first Fit for Life book doesn't cover.

Diamond is a natural health practitioner. Her work can appear extremist for those used to main stream media dieting tips. But her work is backed up by scientific research and other natural health pioneers. While her philosophy tends toward the extreme natural health, her diet plan and recipes point to real life living and incorporating of those principles. Here, she goes into detail of how far to the extreme she had taken her own diet during the Fit for Life years and how it cut her off from living. So this book is a gentler incorporation of raw and natural foods with living in a world where most people don't eat raw or natural foods.

Why I love this book.

This is what I love about Diamond: Her ability to be flexible, honest and enthusiastic. When you read her writing, you just want to grab a hold of that enthusiasm for life that she exudes. This comes across in her recipes and she has recipes upon recipes upon recipes.

She does whole meal planning recipes so you can just follow her suggestions if your aren't inspired to create your own meals. Most ingredients are easy to find but some need natural food and specialty stores. But if I can find most of them in France, then you probably can find them too wherever you live. Usually there are substitutes for the harder to find items. Or just skip those recipes.

Fitonics Book Review: Raw Foodism

If you are toying with the idea of a raw food or juice feasting diet, then I suggest reading and following this book. It's an excellent introduction to natural health and the benefits of eating raw. Plus, the diet's incorporation of the raw foods and juices into your diet is a gentle one. It's not an all-or-nothing kind extremist kind of approach.

Fitonics Book Review: Mindtonics Section

While the first section focuses on nutrition, the second section, called Mindtonics, touches on getting the mind to cooperate with your new way of eating. It only touches on the steps to take to improve your mind, but it's a good start. If you are already into personal growth, then many of these suggestions will be familiar like journaling , taking time to focus and meditate. It's what more diet books should be telling us to do.

The Final section before the recipes and suggested meal plans is the Bodytonics. This is a wonderful daily exercise routine that can be done in 12-20 minutes.

Fitonics Book Review: Bodytonics Section

You go at your own pace and you do only what feels good to you until you can build up to better levels. It's gentle and natural. The movements are natural body movements that anyone can do. This routine and this section of the book has had the greatest influence on me because it taught me to listen to my own body and do exercises every day that just felt good.

Since I began these exercises and eventually creating my own routine according to my body's desires, I no longer suffer from severe headaches, neck aches or backache. Doing something as simple as the "Bear Swing" each morning loosens up the spine and gets the energy flowing to the back.

These exercises are the perfect routine for anyone who claims they've never exercised or wanted to. The other beauty of this routine is that it can be done from your own home, without any equipment, using your own body as weight resistance.

If you do all the moves one by one, you will feel improvement in your body. It only takes a few minutes. Just build up with time to more moves and repetitions. Just doing one of each will make a difference if you never exercise. You will use your entire body. The routine also reminds you to walk.

Walking is a natural exercise that we should be doing more of.

If you succeeded with Fit for Life back in the 1980's when it was so popular or need to get into an exercise routine or want to explore more raw food eating, the I highly recommend this book today.

Fitonics Book Review : Why I Wouldn't Recommend It

If you couldn't care less about your health, then this book isn't for you.

I wouldn't buy this book if I didn't like fruit, vegetables and willing to try a diet loaded with them. If you're a meat and potatoes kind of person, you might find this diet too difficult for your willpower.

I also wouldn't recommend this diet for people who are "attached" to food. If you're not very daring about what you eat, if you'd rather chicken every-other-night or if you're afraid to try something new and exciting like Tofu, then you might not get the results you're seeking from this book.

If you are really attached to sugar and just can't pass it up, you might not want to try eating more natural sweet foods like fruit. That's a lifestyle choice. If that is your choice, then maybe you'd be wasting your time with this diet.

Not all of us are ready to experiment with our diets or take on healthier and lighter ways of eating. It's not a crime to not seek high-vibrating foods. It's a choice, and it's yours alone to make.

Fitonics for Life

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