Identifying Those Run Down Symptoms

How do you focus on keeping the energy high and not get those run down symptoms that spell overly tired? The first thing that you need to do is become aware of the signs of overdoing it. Start by observing these 7 most common symptoms of being run down and tired.

You know you are getting run down and overly tired when:

    1. You're easily enervated. Little things set you off. You get mad at the little things that are not going right in your day. Maybe you overreact to the grocery bag breaking as you carry it out of the store. Maybe you fly off the handle at someone cutting in front of you while you are driving.

    2. Your throat is feeling a little tight, almost sore. Getting sick can also be your body's way of saying, "Hey I need some rest here. Either you give it to me or I'm going on strike and force you to slow down." (read feeling flu-like symptoms).

    3. You can't make good decisions. When you're overwhelmed and tired to the core, your mind is fuzzy and can't take on any more responsibilities, so it just stops trying to make decisions. It's time for some rest and you can make a clear decision tomorrow.

    4. It's hard to get perspective. It seems like the world is caving in on you and you can't get ahead. Feelings of being overwhelmed and constant crises is a sign of getting run down and overly tired.

    5. You have no desire to exercise or even think about eating something healthy. When you can't even muster the desire to bite into an apple or go for a walk with the dog, you know you've hit a sign that you're tired out and getting run down.

    6. It's hard to have nice thoughts about the people closest to you. You kind of stay in this negative and defensive state. Little things about the people you love seem to set you off. Everyone has faults but it's hard to look past them when you're overly tired.

    7. You can't get into the excitement of an upcoming event. You just don't care. You feel very little excitement when you're talking about a big and upcoming event such as a great vacation or Christmas. When you are run down, you don't have the energy to feel good about future energy-consuming events.

The best way to avoid those run down symptoms and feeling so tired is to recognize the signs that your body and mind are sending you that are telling you to slow down. Your mood, your physical well-being and your cognitive capacities will be telltale signs that you're starting to overdo it. When you see them, recognize them, pull back and rest up some. Remember, you build energy from rest, not from more action.

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